Technology and Society

A world to improve 

Brightlands Smart Services Campus breaths technology, but not for technology’s or its own sake. Brightlands Smart Services Campus is about developing technology that makes the world a better place. However, the specific lines of work chosen so far –such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain– are subject of an ongoing worldwide debate with a clearly increasing critical tone of voice. This positioning paper elaborates on the way Brightlands Smart Services Campus reflects upon its work and relates itself to this debate on technology and society. On the one hand it is intrinsically connected, and on the other hand it remains aloof. As a conclusion, possible new relevant activities are explored, in Brightlands Smart Services Campus’s core business but also including inspiring artistical expressions. The paper ends with an invitation in which Brightlands Smart Services Campus will start a discussion on this subject with its many friends. On Tuesday April 9 we will talk further about the ethical side of booming technology. Make sure to join and let us know how you’d like to see the upcoming event!

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Let’s talk about it! 

The main goal of this paper is to stimulate a debate within and around Brightlands Smart Services Campus on the work we are doing, discussing what digital technology can and does mean for society.  We will launch this debate with as many participants as possible.

New Year Celebration Brightlands Technology and Society, January 15

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